September 7th, 2023
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Aleph Acquires Majority Stake of Clever Ads: Furthering SMB Growth & Reach

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MIAMI, Feb. 8, 2023 - Aleph Group Inc, a leading global enabler of digital advertising, connecting 21,000+ advertisers across 115+ markets worldwide, has announced their majority acquisition of Clever Ads, a technology platform that automates client acquisition and ad spend management for Meta, Microsoft, Google, TikTok and Twitter. The acquisition will bring together Aleph's extensive global reach with Clever Ads' technology platform development capabilities, providing opportunities for further growth, and deepening relationships with the world's leading digital media players and their advertisers.

Clever Ads suite of tools is designed to help small to medium businesses advertise on a global scale across today's most utilized social media and community based platforms. Trusted by more than 1.2M businesses across the globe, Clever Ads has already enabled advertisers worldwide by integrating with the most relevant online advertising (PPC) platforms,  developing powerful and effective cross-channel advertising.

Aljoša Jenko, Chief Strategy Officer of Aleph commented "We acquired a proven solution for the SMB segment that we will be introducing across all of our regions including Europe, LATAM, MENA, APAC and Africa, further empowering the digital advertising ecosystem. The exponential speed at which digital advertising is progressing requires us to have specialized technologies and local experts to best meet our clients' various needs. The more options we can provide to advertisers, the greater their opportunities for growth and success."

Manuel Climent, CEO and Co-Founder of Clever Ads commented "This unified vision with Aleph opens the door to increased possibilities for all advertisers in frontier markets. We expect great synergies combining the technology platform development capabilities of Clever Ads with Aleph's global presence across 115+ markets. This combination will help us expand and deepen our relationship with the world's best global digital media players and their clients."

The acquisition by Aleph will improve overall confidence with advertisers when measuring digital investments, as well as scaling overall growth. This milestone further validates Aleph's strategy as a leading global enabler of digital advertising,  adding Clever Ads to its network of trusted and established partners, alongside industry leaders such as Meta, Twitter and Snapchat.

About Aleph
Aleph is a leading global enabler of digital advertising, connecting thousands of advertisers in frontier countries with the world's leading digital platforms, and across more than 115+ markets worldwide including Europe, LATAM, MENA, APAC and Africa. The Aleph Group consists of Httpool, IMS, Connect Ads, Ad Dynamo, Genart, Aleph Express,, Social Snack, The Mediam Group and Bangers & Mash.

We enable platforms including Twitter, Meta, Snapchat, Google and nearly 35 others to expand into new markets and empower advertisers to take full advantage of platform advertising capabilities. Through these long-lasting partnerships, Aleph creates the opportunity for all to advertise at both a local and global level, without limits.

We build and supply proprietary technologies with localized solutions, offering local teams of industry and platform experts, as well as education for digital advertising professionals via Digital Ad Expert, a program that certifies digital advertisers as platform professionals. Aleph further provides cross-border transaction solutions, ensuring seamless payments for 49+ currencies. Together, these solutions widen access to the digital ecosystem and ultimately work towards our purpose, to equalize the global digital ecosystem.

For more information please visit: or [email protected]

About Clever Ads
Clever Ads is a suite of multi-platform advertising tools. The company was founded in 2012 with the mission to give small & medium-sized businesses a chance to compete with larger companies — while advertising on a relatively smaller marketing budget. We have developed a powerful all-in-one software package — super easy to use for anyone. Instead of fumbling with several complex tools, we integrate everything an advertiser needs into one, ultimate tool kit that works across the entire advertising funnel. With our tool suite, advertisers are covered from the ad creation phase, to tracking and optimization. Additionally, we offer support during every step of the funnel.

Clever Ads integrates with the most relevant online advertising (PPC) platforms such as Google Ads, Meta, Microsoft Ads, TikTok and Twitter, to develop powerful cross-channel features ranging from: our Ads Creator, Keyword Planner, Ads Manager or Ads Auditor — among several others. A technology that is widely scalable, together with a team of development experts who love a challenge, allows us to adapt our software to any business model. Integrations with BigCommerce, Google Chat, MS Teams, Prestashop, Shopify, Slack, Wix, WooCommerce, and our Mobile App are some of our most popular solutions.

Trusted by more than 1.2M businesses across the globe, Clever Ads is the most complete and innovative PPC software tool on the market. The merger with Aleph forms a strong front in the digital advertising space. We are joining forces to bring innovation to all online businesses that want to improve their performance, regardless of size and budget. We are here to level the playing field; to create a digital advertising environment that empowers all businesses — big and small — to succeed with their online advertising endeavors. A rising tide lifts all boats; are you ready for a better view?

For more information please visit: or email [email protected]

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