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Ajvar Squeeze -Snapchat AR lens

Podravka is a well-known Croatian food company that has gained international recognition for its diverse range of food products. Established in 1947 and headquartered in Koprivnica, Croatia, Podravka has become one of the leading food manufacturers in the region.

Among its iconic products stands Ajvar, a traditional Balkan vegetable condiment, adored for its rich

flavour and versatility, and crafted primarily from red bell peppers, eggplants, and a combination of spices. It is renowned for its rich, smoky, and slightly spicy flavor profile, making it a versatile and flavorful accompaniment to a wide range of dishes.

Ajvar has achieved a special place in the hearts of many, both within the Balkan region and beyond, due to its delicious taste and versatility. It is so popular that some dishes, such as grilled ones, are truly unimaginable without the addition of ajvar.


The main goal was to move away from the image of a traditional Balkan side dip and relaunch as a superfood - a convenient, natural vegetable spread.

The task wasn't just about repackaging ajvar but pioneering a breakthrough the Ajvar Squeeze. Podravka innovated a new production process, becoming the first worldwide to pack ajvar in squeeze packaging.

The aim was to generate awareness, educate consumers and show how it is used!


As Gen Z was one of the core target audience, Aleph partnered up with Podravka and recommended using Snapchat as one of the channels, given Snapchat is considered to be Home of Gen Z. 

The Podravka campaign employing Snap as a channel for promoting their new product, Ajvar Squeeze, stands out as a great example of innovative marketing tailored to the Gen Z audience. 

Through a dynamic and creative approach, the campaign used the power of augmented reality (AR) lens technology to captivate and engage this tech-savvy demographic on a whole new level. 

The use of an AR lens, featuring playful red pepper and eggplant emojis above users' heads, tapped into the universally recognized language of emojis as a means of expression and communication. By seamlessly integrating this lens into the Snap platform, Podravka effectively showcased the new product while simultaneously connecting with their audience through interactive and visually engaging experiences. 

The simplicity of the AR lens, which invited users to share their thoughts, facilitated a deeper level of engagement, inviting Gen Z users to partake in an entertaining and memorable encounter with the Ajvar Squeeze product. In doing so, the campaign not only introduced the new product in an innovative way but also established a unique relation with a generation that values both authenticity and creative interaction.



The performance of the AR lens resulted in reaching 322 thousand unique users, who generated 115.135 shares, 14.979 saves, and captivating audiences with an engaging playtime of 39.73 seconds. The shareable aspect contributed to the campaign's 79K earned reach.

It's worth noting that the lens's shareability was a key driver behind earned reach, as users shared it through friends' stories and chats, extending its organic reach. When combined with a substantial paid reach of 300,000 users, the campaign achieved a total reach of 322,000 users showcasing the lens's effectiveness in connecting with target audience and maximizing campaign's impact.

These remarkable metrics not only underscore the widespread appeal of the AR lens but also highlight its ability to capture and retain the attention of a diverse audience. 

The lens's popularity, as evidenced by the high share count, speaks volumes about its entertainment value, while the substantial number of saves suggests that users consider it a valuable addition to their personal collections. Moreover, the lens's impressive 39 seconds of playtime indicates a strong user engagement, showcasing its ability to sustain interest and attention.

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