February 23rd, 2023
5 mins read

Aleph’s Regional Director, Arnis Ozols, Takes on the South Pole


The world belongs to the brave, those who are not afraid of diving into the unknown. A statement that rings especially true in the Aleph Group and throughout its employees.

Arnis Ozols, Baltics Regional Director at Httpool by Aleph, is a prime example of what we encourage our people to be – courageous, charismatic, and fearless. Always on the lookout for a new challenge or endeavor, like Aleph, Arnis couldn't see the finish line but continued to race to glory and prestige.

The South Pole is not a friendly place. Daily temperature can drop to -50 celsius, with oxygen levels lower than usual by 13-14%, and attempting any physical activity in such an atmosphere is incredibly tiring for your body. Not to mention, Antarctica is also the windiest place on Earth, with wind speeds reaching 28 miles per hour. Arnis successfully skied for seven days in this piercing cold, oxygen scarce environment, an accomplishment that took true mental fortitude, as he was able to push through all challenges the South Pole threw his way.

The Aleph Group is a place in which boundaries are broken, disparities in the market are challenged, and solutions are forged. It is a place for winners. Against all the odds, Aleph acts as a crucial link, connecting advertisers from frontier markets to leading digital platforms, driving advertising revenue for digitally developing economies. Together we create the opportunity for all people and businesses alike to advertise without limits.

Fitting this culture like a puzzle piece, Arnis’ impressive commitment takes ‘without limits’ one step further. His adventure began by plane from Punta Arenas, Chile on a four hour chartered flight, to the seventh continent of the world. “After spending several days in Union Glacier, visiting some points of interest, and watching the impressive landing of the Ilyushin plane, we were transported by what can only be described as a World War II produced plane, to the South pole,” recalls Arnis.

He continues, “The daily temperatures are from -30 to -50 degrees celsius in the wind, putting you at exposure for frostbite”. Luckily, Arnis got away with only a frost snip, as he had prepared for any environmental opposition. His astute mindset allowed him to conquer unforeseen circumstances, which should be unsurprising given his tenure and success as part of Aleph’s family. But, as always he remained rightfully cautious, commenting “You do not want to expose your skin directly to the wind, nor could I find the optimal combination for my fingers. One of my most important gear elements was a full face-covering mask in combination with level 4 skiing goggles, which served as my primary protection.”

Loaded with his extensive equipment, Arnis ventured into a snowy desert filled with niveous fog and winds. During the polar days, the sun is up for 24 hours, giving any adventurers a sign of light and warmth in icy plains. Such a feat, requires one’s body and mind to perform at peak heights to survive the bleak wintry lands. Arnis is a man who answers the call to adventure. Regardless of potential fear lurking around the corner, Arnis and his companions dug deep and found the courage to keep going, qualities that resonate deeply with that of the Aleph family. As we are home to adventurers, challengers, and champions alike.

Nothing quite describes the feeling of triumph, Arnis comments “After seven days of skiing, we reached the geographical South Pole. It was a very emotional and relieving experience. I could barely speak after arriving nor when calling my children”. In the end, Arnis returned safely to his family with memories most could only dream of - his venture proved an uncanny spirit and willpower to achieve great things. The Aleph Group consists of many people like Arnis, who push through difficulties and face challenges head-on. Our company admires perseverance and thrives on charismatic natures. We are a leading global enabler of digital advertising in frontier countries, connecting talented people all around the globe. Discover more about our mission and our people on our website. 

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