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Case studies

Brand Consideration: OREO’s Campaign success with Tik Tok

Oreo is a brand of sandwich cookie consisting of two cocoa biscuits or cookie pieces with a sweet fondant filling. For over 100 years, OREO has been bringing families together. Together, we're committed to empowering and inspiring parents, families, and allies to come out in loud, public support. Oreo has been expanding its market to Asia, including Cambodia.

The Objective

To generate more brand consideration in Cambodia, Oreo wants to launch a campaign that helps draw in viewers by showcasing their products in a mouthwatering environment with catchy music, sound effects, and combinations of dancing moves with Oreo.

The Solution

To build more consideration, Oreo decided to launch a ”Twist Lick and Dunk" campaign with media plan support from the Aleph team. The Aleph team recommended running the campaign with a combination of multiple ad solutions such as HTC, BE, Topview, and R&F (Topfeed). Oreo did an HTC campaign with a playable branding effect to attract the target audience to join and play the game to win some prizes. To spread awareness of the campaign faster, it was recommended that Oreo run the Topview campaign and R&F (Top Feed) at the same time to generate more participants.

Oreo worked with Cambodian influencers and Gen-Z ambassadors to release a distinctive song and various dancing moves for the #TwistLickDunk Hashtag Challenge to connect with TikTok's ardent community. Oreo might boost its brand connections with the help of this entertaining and lively user engagement. Brand employed a full-screen, sound-on TopView ad to grab users' attention as soon as they opened the app in order to further amplify its paid campaign. After the campaign was over, Brand continued to maintain users with reach and frequency advertising in order to keep the brand top of mind.

The Results

The "TwistTwist and Dunk" campaign was quite successful, generating 167 million videos from millions of people. There were 95K video creations from the "Twist, Lick, and Dunk" campaign. The campaign’s video creations, video creators, and engagement are outstandingly high, explaining the excitement of the challenge for users. The campaign achieves a whopping total reach of 7.1 million, helping to spread out the key message at such a massive scale to about 78% of Cambodia’s TikTok Population. 

With 167 million views accumulated during the whole campaign duration, the viewership explains the tremendous interest from users in watching the videos submitted.

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