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Case studies

Codefinity's Strategic Expansion in the US: Powered by Aleph and 𝕏

In the dynamic world of tech education, Codefinity stands as a beacon of innovation and effectiveness. From its inception, Codefinity has been transforming how technology is learned, offering comprehensive courses in sought-after fields like data analytics, data science, and web technologies. Their unique approach transcends traditional learning methods, making tech education more effective and genuinely enjoyable. This commitment to creating accessible and engaging learning experiences has made Codefinity a standout name in tech education.

Campaign Impact Metrics:

ROAS (Return on Ad Spend): Achieved a near tripling compared to the WCO benchmark.

CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions): Remarkably reduced by 80%.

CPC (Cost Per Click): Slashed by 40%, indicating more cost-effective targeting.

The Objective:

The campaign's heartbeat was clear: drive meaningful conversions and transform interest into enrollment. In a strategic move, Codefinity leveraged the power of Search Keywords Ads on the 𝕏 platform. Their aim extended beyond merely boosting visibility; it was about converting the curiosity of tech learners into concrete course sign-ups, thereby expanding their educational impact.

The Solution:

Aleph Group played a pivotal role in realising Codefinity's vision. By harnessing the potential of 𝕏's Search Keywords Ads, the campaign strategically reached out to potential learners at the crux of their interest. This approach transcended standard advertising efforts. It was about creating meaningful connections between Codefinity's educational offerings and a discerning audience actively seeking to advance their tech skills.


The Results:

Efficient Cost Management: The CPM saw an almost 80% reduction, showcasing a level of cost optimization that set new industry standards.

Heightened User Interest: The 40% reduction in CPC not only attracted more clicks but significantly boosted user engagement with Codefinity's services.

Exceptional Return on Investment: The weekly average ROAS nearly tripled, underscoring a substantial leap in both the effectiveness and profitability of the advertising efforts.

In summary, this campaign was more than just a series of ads; it was an accomplishment that resulted in great improvements in both user engagement and financial performance. Every dollar spent was an investment in amplifying Codefinity's reach and impact, solidifying its position as a leader in tech education.

X has become one of the platforms that we decided to use as a source of traffic to attract users to our product. Initial tests did not yield effective results, but when using Search Keywords, we started to see purchases with very high returns.

After that, we began to use Search Keywords as the primary targeting format and continued to scale in that direction. Noticing the distribution of expenses, we found that the majority is spent on broad-specialised keywords (such as "internet"). Surprisingly, this approach works better than other targeting options that we continue to test.

Konstantin Petrov - CEO
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