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Case studies

Driving App Install: ABA Bank’s Campaign Success with TikTok

ABA Bank is Cambodia's premier private financial institution. Established in 1996 as the Advanced Bank of Asia Limited, they have become Cambodia's largest commercial bank by assets, deposits, loans, and profitability. ABA has created an ABA Mobile app for those who want to have around-the-clock access to their accounts on the go. You can check your balance instantly, pay bills quickly, open accounts easily, and get much more great features.

The Objective

As one of the leading banks in Cambodia, ABA wants to maintain its position by getting more people to install and use the ABA Mobile app for daily transactions after installation. As a result, ABA decided to work with the Aleph team to roll out an app promotion campaign for instant account creation and other banking services.

The Solution

Aleph’s team recommended setting up MMP so that ABA can run an app promotion campaign with AEO. By optimizing AEO for the campaign, ABA used deep links to land people on a specific page in the app so that people could create an instant account with just a few clicks. If the target audience hasn't installed the app yet and clicks on the CTA button, it will drive them to install the app in the App Store or Play Store. However, if the target audience already installed the app and clicked on the CTA button, it would land them on the specific page to create the instant account.

The Results

ABA App Promotion’s campaign, powered by Aleph and MMP, generates a very good result. Optimizing with MMP (Appsflyer) and TikTok AEO with creative best practices results in a 25% cheaper CPI, 37% higher conversions, and a 6% higher conversion rate.

The campaign results cement the successful collaboration between ABA and Aleph and showcase how app promotion and AEO can synergistically drive impactful digital marketing results.

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