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Case studies

Moniepoint Nigeria's Meta campaigns

Moniepoint Nigeria's Meta campaigns significantly improves ad recall and enhances brand awareness metrics for its App!

Moniepoint Nigeria partnered with Aleph Nigeria for their Meta campaign, achieving remarkable success with Nigerian Facebook users. The campaign delivered an impressive lift as follows:

Ad Recall rate
Brand Lift
App Installs

Moniepoint is a global payments and banking platform, founded with the vision to create a society where everyone experiences financial happiness.

The company sees over 33 million card transactions on its PoS terminals monthly, spanning every local government in Nigeria.

The Moniepoint app has garnered more than 1 million installs, enabling users to conduct transfers, pay bills, and purchase airtime.

Moniepoint has partnered with Aleph in Nigeria, achieving remarkable success.


The company aimed to position itself as the go-to financial app in Nigeria, driving brand awareness and increasing app downloads. The campaigns sought to highlight the app's key features, such as quick account opening, instant debit card issuance, and seamless payments, emphasizing its convenience and reliability.


The strategy that maximized visibility and reach focused on broad audience targeting, segmenting based on demographics, interests, and behaviour. Tailored messaging highlighted the app's convenience, security, and user-friendly interface, as well as unique selling points (USPs), such as quick account opening, instant debit card issuance, and seamless payment. Engaging formats like videos and carousel ads were used, leveraging Facebook's targeting and diverse ad placements.

The campaigns also included optimized app install campaigns in addition to reach and brand awareness objectives powered with educational content to further enhance engagement and reach. Additionally, a Brand Lift study was conducted to measure the campaign's impact on key brand metrics.

Implementation and Results:

Implementing Aleph's strategy, Moniepoint effectively connected with users and positioned themselves as a trusted choice among Nigerian Facebook users. The campaigns showcased the brand's commitment to providing convenient and reliable financial services. 


•  +15.6% increase in ad recall, exceeding the normal rate by 2X

Women audience showed a particularly strong response with a remarkable +20.8pt lift

Age group 25-34 exhibited the highest increase in ad recall at +19.7pt. lift



•   Brand Awareness saw a lift of +4.3%, surpassing the vertical norm by 2.25 times.

•   Campaign delivered a significant increase in brand awareness for Gen Z with +6.2pt lift, followed by Millennials with a lift of +4.2%.

Our collaboration with Aleph on app campaigns produced outstanding outcomes, substantially improving our ad recall and brand awareness metrics. This achievement highlights our dedication to delivering accessible and dependable financial services to our customers in Nigeria. The brand lift study, an integral part of this campaign, provided valuable insights into the effectiveness of our efforts, informing our future marketing strategies and enabling us to optimize our approach.

Tomisin Araoye - Head of Performance Marketing, Moniepoint
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