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Case studies

Monsha'at boosts Engagement on 𝕏 for Saudi National Day


With the challenge of maximizing reach and engagement during the Saudi National Day campaign, Monsha'at sought innovative ways to leverage 𝕏's advertising platform.

Our main objectives were to:
1. Increase Visibility: Expand the reach of the Saudi National Day campaign messages to a wider audience on X.
2. Drive Engagement: Encourage active interaction and participation with campaign content.
3. Test New Formats: Explore the potential of 𝕏's Vertical Video Ads to achieve campaign objectives.


Monsha'at partnered with Aleph to implement a Vertical Video Ad campaign on 𝕏 specifically designed for the Saudi National Day celebration. This format was chosen for its potential to capture attention and deliver a more immersive viewing experience for the 𝕏 audience.


The Vertical Video Ad campaign on 𝕏 proved to be highly successful, surpassing performance on two other media platforms.

  • Delivered a 2.2x higher engagement rate compared to other platforms.

  • Achieved a 1.7x higher video view rate compared to other platforms.

Source: X Ads Manager, September 2023, Saudi Arabia


“Exploring new opportunities on 𝕏 has always been a core objective for us. Undoubtedly, the platform, its products, and new features consistently stand out and prove to us that it’s a key channel for all our communications. Testing the Vertical Video during our Saudi National Day campaign is one example, and we are very proud of the outcome."

Sarah S. Alshathri - Media Manager - The Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority "Monsha’at"
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