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Case studies

NaranjaX's Journey to Engaging 𝕏 Campaigns


NaranjaX, a financial platform revolutionising the finances of millions of Argentines, faced a communication challenge with a mismatch in tone between its advertising and organic content on 𝕏 (formerly Twitter). The case study delves into how Aleph addressed this issue strategically to identify the most effective communication style for better audience connection and results.

Targeted Reach
Benchmark CPM
Brand Equity Contribution


To determine which tone (traditional or humorous) resonates better with the target audience on the 𝕏 platform, leading to improved engagement, brand recognition, and ad recall.

Proposed Solution:

The team at Aleph proposed running two identical brand lift campaigns, differing only in the use of traditional vocabulary in one and humorous vocabulary in the other. This approach aimed to compare the results of each campaign, helping NaranjaX focus its advertising strategy on the more effective content style.


The campaign utilizing humorous language achieved peaks of engagement, demonstrating a positive correlation between interaction levels and brand recognition/ad recall. Key metrics include a 60% reach on the target audience, CPM 45% below the benchmark, and a significant 14.9% contribution to the brand's positive equity.

Creative Example

The main objective of our big campaigns is to build brand awareness and drive consideration. To achieve this, we work with a dual media strategy: on one hand, we have deep understanding on how online and offline media work together, and on the other hand, we do a deep dive into the needs of each particular format in order to achieve the greatest possible creative impact. For the Loans campaign called “Qué lindo es poder” (How nice is to be able) on 𝕏, we adapted our pieces and created special content, taking into account the "real time" essence of the platform. With this we managed to make 𝕏 one of the most efficient media and one that built the greatest brand equity for the campaign.

Ángeles González Lobo - Brand Marketing Manager
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