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Case studies

Nexter's X Campaign for Hero Wars: Dominion Era

OBJECTIVE: What was the goal of the campaign?

The main objective of the collaborative campaign between Nexters and the Aleph team was to draw in pertinent users and motivate them to explore the Hero Wars: Dominion Era browser game. The overarching aim was to augment the count of users who will engage as dedicated gamers on the platform.

Who was the target AUDIENCE?

The target audience for this campaign was specifically defined as users who met the following criteria:

  • Desktop-exclusive gamers: Individuals who consistently seek out desktop games, as it's their preferred format.

  • RPG enthusiasts: Users intrigued by immersive gaming experiences and adept at utilizing acquired boosters effectively.


From September 2023 to the present day (Q3’23-Q1’2024). Target geo - United States and WorldWide. 


Nexters collaborated with the Aleph team to implement the Desktop Only Campaigns. The hands-on management approach was adopted, where the Aleph team tested several hypotheses. Two main campaigns were pivotal:

  • Website Sales (ex WCO) Campaign: The objective of this campaign was to enhance cost-effective outcomes tied to website purchases, ensuring the maintenance of essential ROAS metrics and achieving desirable purchase levels. Testing various event optimizations produced favorable outcomes, allowing us to acquire users more inclined to remain engaged and invest further in enhancing their in-game results.

  • Language Optimization: During this campaign, the emphasis was placed on targeting users who exclusively speak certain languages with tailored creatives. By employing this approach, the campaign achieved contextual relevance and effectively improved performance in terms of cost efficiency and return on ad spend.


+58% ROAS
Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) soared compared to the initially established KPI, indicating that Nexters surpassed their initial expectations on the platform by a significant margin.
x10 Budget
Budgets expanded by a staggering 10 times (X10) compared to the previous quarter, driven by platform’s by solving the internal product problems of the platform and the relevance of the gaming vertical.

With these exceptional results, we confidently explored new hypotheses and optimization strategies, uncovering additional setups that further enhanced performance. This process provided invaluable insights into what strategies effectively work for this client and what doesn't.


Through our collaboration, we successfully tested all platform features and a comprehensive array of creatives provided by Nexters Team. Moreover, the outstanding outcomes cultivated a positive relationship with the client and paved the way for future testing endeavors.

We are thrilled to share our positive experience working with Aleph over the past 8 months. They have played an important role in the successful launch and growth of X channel, consistently helping us meet our KPIs.

Olga Solovyeva - UA Manager
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