December 12th, 2023
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GetGloby partners with Aleph to localize advertising and marketing content

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New York, December 12, 2023: GetGloby, an AI & localization startup built by former Googlers to empower businesses to expand into new markets, today announces a partnership with Aleph Group, Inc, an ecosystem of global digital experts and technology-driven solutions that connects thousands of advertisers with billions of consumers worldwide.

GetGloby is an AI-powered platform that leverages JAGA - GetGloby’s proprietary technology which is capable of understanding specific nuances in local markets - to instantly translate ads and marketing assets into more than 100 languages with high-performing results. Founded by former Googlers, Diego Antista & Juan Fusoni, GetGloby empowers brands to expand into new markets and improve the performance of their ads in existing markets, while significantly reducing their costs.

GetGloby created JAGA after identifying that most available translation engines are general purpose, meaning that they translate to a given language but not to match a specific audience terminology. This works for most industries as people tend to understand the translation even though it may not have the most common words used in that location. Word-for-word translations, which are often used by advertisers, can be an expensive and time-intensive activity, and often leads to campaigns that aren’t aligned with local audiences. Instead, GetGloby’s translation technology generates translations that adapt to the audiences and maintain the tone and intent of the original message, as it takes into consideration the cultural nuances of the location the user is targeting, the brand’s identity (from landing pages and other sources), industry specifics, the platforms compliance requirements (character limits, negative keywords, etc), and many more. This methodology is called Transcreation, a technique that localizes content within a cultural framework. It allows businesses to relate to an audience like a local, incorporating regional customs and dialects without compromising your brand voice. Transcreation is a cultural adaptation.

As part of the partnership, Aleph will leverage GetGloby’s technology - including JAGA -  to efficiently and cost-effectively localize its partners’ ads and marketing content to resonate with any given market, region, country, or audience. GetGloby’s technology will work alongside Aleph’s scalable technology platform to enable advertisers to reach segmented audiences and deliver meaningful results. Globally, Aleph supports more than 22,000 advertisers and services more than 45 of the world’s largest platforms.

Diego Antista, GetGloby CEO said "As a company leveraging AI to break down language barriers, we are pleased to partner with a global enabler such as Aleph. We are hopeful this partnership will help us reach more advertisers worldwide, and push forward our mission of empowering global commerce for businesses of all sizes, in every corner of the world."

“We’re pleased to partner with GetGloby and enhance our technology-driven solution for advertisers around the world.” commented Rabin Yaghoubi, Chief Corporate Development Officer at Aleph and added: “Understanding local audiences, and adapting accordingly to deliver a relevant campaign at the right time is critical for generating tangible results. This partnership will enable Aleph to offer a more holistic translation to our partners and support their overall growth objectives.” 


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About GetGloby

GetGloby is an AI-powered platform that instantly translates ads & marketing assets into 100+ languages with high performing results thanks to JAGA -GetGloby’s proprietary translation technology- which is capable of understanding the nuances of every market to adapt the original message. Founded by former Googlers, Diego Antista & Juan Fusoni, GetGloby empowers brands to expand into new markets and improve their ads performance in current ones, while significantly reducing their costs.

About Aleph Group, Inc

Aleph is an ecosystem of global digital experts and technology-driven solutions that enables the growth of digital marketing. We connect thousands of advertisers with billions of consumers and create markets for local businesses to grow through digital advertising. Aleph is active in more than 130 primarily emerging countries and helps advertisers engage with consumers on over 45 of the world’s leading digital platforms, such as Google, Meta, Microsoft, Pinterest, Reddit, Snap, Spotify, TikTok, Twitch, Uber, 𝕏 (formerly Twitter) and others. 

Through tailored solutions built on proprietary technology, through our local teams, we provide media partnerships, proprietary ad tech solutions, digital advertising education and cross-border payment solutions. We excel in expanding into unfamiliar territories and navigating local and central bank regulations Through Aleph Payments, our cross border credit underwriting & payments service, we simplify complexities from KYC, local billing in 49 currencies, collections, tax settlement, exchange settlement, cross-border credits and payments allowing businesses to focus on their main business operations.

Aleph was established in 2021 after evolving from IMS’ birth in 2005, and continues to be led by its founding CEO, Gaston Taratuta, EY Entrepreneur of the World 2022, with a vision to accelerate the global shift from offline to online and drive long-term economic growth. To support this shift, Aleph launched its own social initiative, Digital Ad Expert, which is on a mission to create economic opportunities through digital advertising education.   

Aleph’s approach has been highly successful to date. In recent years, the Group has scaled up to more than 1,600 employees in 65+ offices across 5 continents and has secured investment from institutional partners including CVC Partners, Mercado Libre, Sony, Twitter, and Snap.

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